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How does this Wi-Fi Hotspot compare to Wi-Fi elsewhere like at a coffee shop?

You can take the Boost Wi-Fi Hotspot anywhere with you.  You have complete control over the Wi-Fi Hotspot, who uses it and for how long.  It provides a lot of flexibility.  Remember to keep the device charged and as long as you are in a 4G LTE coverage area, your Wi-Fi hotspot can work wherever you go, whether at home or away from home.


Can I use another broadband device on Boost Mobile?

No. Our Boost Wi-Fi plans are compatible only with broadband devices purchased from Boost Mobile.  
As long as you’re in a 4G LTE or Enhanced LTE coverage area, have data remaining in your plan, and your device is charged and operational, you can use your Wi-Fi Hotspot anywhere you go. Check coverage.


Where can I use the Wi-Fi Hotspot device?

As long as you're in a 4G LTE or Enhanced LTE coverage area, have data remaining in your plan, and your device is charged and operational, you can use your Wi-Fi Hotspot anywhere you go. Check coverage.


How do I activate my new Wi-Fi Hotspot?

It’s simple!  Just follow the steps listed in our Get Started Guide (that was packaged with your phone – or visit our online activation page.


What is the Account PIN used for?

Your Account PIN is 4-digit, numeric code you created to access your Boost Mobile account. You need your Account PIN to manage your account online, including viewing your account balance and/or payment date, adding money to your account, changing your plan, checking your account history online, and doing almost anything else with your account.

Make sure you have your Account PIN written down somewhere so you don't forget it. Also, we suggest you don't use consecutive or repeated numbers.  And never share your Account PIN with anyone - it's the key to your account. 


How do I retrieve a forgotten Boost Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot Account PIN?

If you forget your Account PIN, click here and we'll send it to the email address associated with your Boost Mobile account.
IMPORTANT:  If you didn't put an email address on your account we strongly suggest you do that first as we have no other way to provide the PIN to you.  Click here to add your email address to your account.


What is the difference between the Account PIN and the main Wi-Fi password?

They are two different things and you will need to remember both.

The Account PIN is a security precaution Boost Mobile takes to protect your account from unauthorized use.  You create it when you set up your account the first time. It is a 4-digit, numeric code. You will need your Account PIN to log in to your Boost Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot account, buy new Wi-Fi Hotspot Plans, check your account history online, and do almost anything else with your account.

Make sure you have your Account PIN written down somewhere so you don't forget it. Also, we suggest you don't use consecutive repeated numbers.  And never share your Account PIN with anyone - it's the key to your account.

The main Wi-Fi password designed to prevent unauthorized access to your Wi-Fi Hotspot.  Your Netgear Fuse comes with a password already associated with it.  You can change the password anytime by logging in to the Mobile Hotspot Manager.  You will also set up a Guest Password.  You will give the Guest password to anyone who you will permit to use your Wi-Fi Hotspot.  Without it, no one can use your Hotspot.  Use the same safety precautions to protect your device passwords as you do for your Account PIN.


What do I do if I forget the main or the Guest Wi-Fi password?

Use your Wi-Fi Hotspot, log into the Mobile Hotspot Manager by going to http://MyHotSpot  

  • If you forget the Main Wi-Fi password:
    • On the LCD Screen:  The Main Wi-Fi password appears on the homepage
    • Log into the Mobile Hotspot Manager web page with the administrator password and click Wi-Fi>Options
  • If you forget the Guest Wi-Fi password:
    • On the LCD screen, cycle through the screens (press the POWER button once to switch to the next screen) to the Guest Wi-Fi screen. 
    • If the Guest Wi-Fi is enabled, the password will be shown.

Can I protect my Netgear Fuse with a password?

Your Netgear Fuse is already password protected.  You just need to give the Guest password to the users you want to allow onto your Wi-Fi.  Remember that whoever uses your internet connection is consuming your data allotment, so keep an eye on that.


What is the expiration on the megabytes (MB’s) I purchased?

With all of our current Boost Wi-Fi Hotspot plans, the megabytes you receive will expire 30 days after you buy them.  If you run out sooner than your next payment date, you can use the Restart Plan option and make your full monthly payment early to re-enable all your services immediately by visiting My Account.


Do unused megabytes roll over into the next month?

No.  Unused data expires 30 days after purchase


How long does my account remain open if I can’t pay for my monthly plan?

We hope you continue to enjoy your Wi-Fi Hotspot each month but if you decide not to buy another plan when your monthly payment is due, your account will remain active for 120 days after your last payment due date.  At that time, if you choose not to purchase another plan, your account will expire.  If you attempt to reconnect your Wi-Fi device to the internet, you will have to re-activate Boost Wi-Fi service.


How do I check the megabyte balance available on my Boost Wi-Fi Hotspot Plan?

You can view your usage directly on your device.  There is a usage screen on your Netgear Fuse which will give you a close idea of usage. 

If you add data to your account before the month ends, you will need to reset your data counter on the device.

To do so:

  • While connected to the Fuse, login to the (default password is password)
  • On the main page, navigate to the Data Usage box
  • Click the “Reset data counter” button

Data Used will be reset to “0 .0 MB” on myhotspot and on the device screen.


If I have a question about how to use my device, where do I go to get answers?

Check out our online device support which contains user guides, troubleshooting tips and all the information you will need to use the product.


How do I make a payment?

You have the option to pay with cash credit card or debit card or you can pay in person, online or over the phone.  For a complete overview and step-by-step instructions on how you can make a payment, visit our Re-Boost® section.


What if I lose my Wi-Fi Hotspot device or it is stolen?

Let us know right away and we’ll suspend your Wi-Fi service.  That way, no one can use up your remaining megabyte balance.


Do I need to know the operating system of my computer?

No.  As long as you can connect to the broadband device and your browser is functional, the operating system on your computer doesn’t matter.


How do I connect to Wi-Fi Hotspot device?

Check out the user guide online which contains all the information you will need to use the product.


Can I make voice calls, send a fax or a text message using my Wi-Fi Hotspot device?

No.  This product is solely intended to provide Wi-Fi connectivity only for up to 10 devices.


What kind of devices can I connect to my Wi-Fi Hotspot device?

Smartphones, tablets, laptops, e-readers, printers, portable gaming consoles…. Anything that is Wi-Fi enabled and looks for an internet connection.


How can I get the maximum use out of my Wi-Fi Hotspot?

There are a few things you'll want to keep in mind when you share your connection with other people…

  • Anyone connected to your Wi-Fi network is contributing to the data usage on YOUR Wi-Fi Hotspot plan…so you might want to keep a close eye on your online usage.
  • If the people you're sharing with are using lots of data at the same time (e.g. streaming video), you may notice a slowdown in your connection.
  • If your Wi-Fi device is running on battery power, the battery will drain faster as more devices are connected.

If the connection is “Always On”, am I always being billed?

No.  The connection to the network goes dormant after a period of inactivity, but the connection can be re-established faster than having to reconnect.  Billing only occurs when data is passed across the network. 


Why can’t I connect to the network?

You may receive a message “Searching for Network”.  If you are seeing this, it means that you are outside of the Wi-Fi Hotspot 4G LTE coverage area.  For maximum download speeds, this product is designed to work only on our 4G LTE Network. Check coverage.


What can I do to extend the battery life?

There are several ways you can extend the battery life:

  • When you are not using your device, turn it off.
  • Connect your device through the micro-USB cable to your computer and turn off Wi-Fi.
  • Adjust the LCD – do one or more of the following
    • Decrease the brightness of the LCD
    • Set the LCD to turn off sooner
  • Use a shorter Wi-Fi inactivity timeout period
  • Limit the number of Wi-Fi devices

What can I do to improve signal strength?

There are several ways you can try to improve the signal strength:

  • Make sure you’re inside a network coverage area
  • Try reorienting your device
  • Move your device to your computer to another location. You may be in or near a structure that is blocking the signal.  Every obstacle (for example walls, ceilings, big furniture) between the hotspot and other wireless devices decreases signal strength.
  • Place your device in a centralized location as high as possible in the room.
  • Make sure there is plenty of space around your device to provide the best signal reception.
  • Keep your device at least 3-6 feet away from electrical devices that generate FT interference (for example microwaves, TV’s, 2.4 GHz cordless phones, cellular phones, baby monitors, wireless speakers).  If you are not using these electrical devices, try turning them off.
  • If possible place your devices so that the signal passes through open doorways or dry wall, as opposed to concrete, brick, metal, walls with insulation.